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Free Beer Fridays!

We loved opening night, and we're equally excited about our first Free Beer Friday show!!

Audience members at tonight's performance (and next Friday, April 11) will each get a complimentary drink with their ticket. We have Beck's Sapphire, Bud Light and Stella Artois Cider on hand - take your drink with you into the theater and enjoy! 

Two World Premieres by Lynn Parkerson

We open tomorrow! Did you get your tickets?

Each season we pride ourselves on beautiful dancers, live music, innovative collaborations, and world premiere dances. This year we're proud to present two world premieres by Artistic Director Lynn Parkerson: Three Marys & Quilt/One Night Stand

Collaborating with Resident Choreographer Julia K. Gleich

This is the first year since 2007 that Brooklyn Ballet has invited a guest artist to hold the position of Resident Choreographer for the Company’s performance season.

Julia K. Gleich was the obvious and best choice.

Rehearsal of Julia's "The Solitude;" photo by Jason Andrew

Over 20 years of working together, Lynn Parkerson and Julia have developed a strong sense of mutual respect. Recent projects like last year’s Quilt (and this year’s Quilt/One Night Stand) and the creation of the CounterPointe series featuring women choreographers making work on pointe have only strengthened their connection.

A Different Musician for Every Show: Quilt/One Night Stand

Brooklyn Ballet has always made it a point to collaborate with great musicians and provide live music in performance as often as we can.

We are overjoyed that this year we're collaborating with a new artist at every performance of our world premiere of Quilt/One Night Stand!

Audiences and dancers will both be hearing the music for the first time during each show. World-class musicians of many styles and multiple talents span the season's performances - from vocalist Shelley Hirsch to trombonist Jen Baker.

If you're a lover of the empty slate, unpredictability, and the emerging unexpected, Quilt/One Night Stand will satisfy. 

Click the photos below to learn more about each of these fantastic musicians. Then be sure to grab your tickets!

Meet the Company: New Brooklyn Ballet Dancer Izabela Szylinska

Name: Izabela Szylinska
Age: 24
Neighborhood you live in: Bushwick

Q: Tell me a bit more about your background in ballet.

A: I started my professional ballet training at the age of 10. I attended the Polish National Ballet School in Warsaw. The education takes 9 years and finishes with a diploma. Besides ballet we also studied contemporary, modern, character dances and many others. The school was very rigorous but I was lucky to finish it with distinction.

Hacking The Nutcracker: Our Motion Sensor Tutus in Action

We're still hard at work on the technology components of our Brooklyn Nutcracker costumes, premiering in the Snow scene at our 2014 season (April 3-13).

Check out our prototype all lit up in a trial run after rehearsal, modeled by Brooklyn Ballet Youth Ensemble dancer Alexia Chan:

Motion Sensor Tutus from Brooklyn Ballet on Vimeo.


We can't wait to unveil these tutus and other costume elements on stage in just a few short weeks!

In rehearsal: Vectors, Marys, and Snow 2014

We are busy preparing for our 2014 season, and our dancers look amazing!

Here's a peek behind the scenes of rehearsals for Snow from The Brooklyn Nutcracker, and more.

Don't forget to donate to our Kickstarter to help us get Snow to the stage. There are great rewards, including the opportunity to join us in April and see everything in performance!

Kickstart our Tutus & Technology Project!

In its mission to Brooklyn-ize The Nutcracker, a holiday classic, Brooklyn Ballet brings in street and modern dancers, infuses African dance styles and sets its multicultural, intergenerational cast on Flatbush Avenue. Building The Brooklyn Nutcracker in installments allows Lynn Parkerson to explore new innovations and collaborate with new artistic partners during Brooklyn Ballet's home performance season.

Meet the Company: New Brooklyn Ballet Dancer Paunika Jones

Name: Paunika Jones
Age: 35
Neighborhood you live in: Washington Heights


Q: Where did you start your dance training? Tell me a bit more about your background in ballet.

A: I began at the age of 2 with basic fundamentals of movement and expression: What is up, down, left, right. Display what is happy, sad and things like how to be a butterfly and what color would my wings be.

Q: How did you learn about Brooklyn Ballet? And what attracted you to audition for the company?

Meet the Company: New Brooklyn Ballet Dancer Elisabet Rubio

Brooklyn Ballet loves broadening the work of the Company with new dancers with new strengths and experiences each season. We enjoy getting to know our newest recruits in rehearsals, and we thought you'd like an introduction to them, too.

Stay tuned for a series of introductions to our newest faces that will grace the stage this April!

Name: Elisabet Rubio
Age: 20
Neighborhood: Inwood, Manhattan