Brooklyn Ballet’s Elevate program is a dance residency that encourages children to move easily and gracefully among others, to maintain focus and pay attention to detail, and to enjoy the poise and grandeur of classical ballet.

Originally developed by Lynn Parkerson and Oona Haaranen, Elevate uses Dr. Ann Hutchinson Guest's “Language of Dance” (LOD) system to teach children basic ballet vocabulary and achieve a physical and intellectual understanding of dance.

Elevate addresses problem solving, comparison and contrast, verbal clarification of movement, and analysis in fun yet challenging ways. As Elevate teaches patience, order, self-reliance, self-control, balance within the individual, and harmony within a group, the fundamental principles of ballet become lessons in being a good student. Our program provides a positive example of the way repeated effort can yield skill and achievement.

Each Elevate residency begins with a lecture demonstration called “What is Ballet?” performed by Brooklyn Ballet’s professional dancers. Then, public school students receive 6-8 weeks of hands-on ballet training. Some extended residencies allow students to participate in Take Ballet to the Streets performances, and gifted students discovered in our Elevate residencies are offered scholarships to continue their dance training at Brooklyn Ballet School.

Elevate is currently offered to second, third and sixth grades and provides master classes for high school students.

For information on how Elevate can be of value to your students, email Catherine Green, Elevate Education Director, at catherinegreen@brooklynballet.org.

Brooklyn Ballet is the reason I am dancing today, passionately doing what I love. They changed my life by opening my eyes to the classical world and I know they will change many more.”

John Michael Abenanty, Former Elevate student & professional dancer with Columbia Classical Ballet