Brooklyn Ballet


Join us for our Fall Open House! 
Saturday, Sept 6


9:00-9:30  Pre-Ballet (age 3 by Sept) with Kristina Nelson 

9:30-10:00  Pre-Ballet II (age 4 by Sept) with Kristina Nelson

10:00-10:45  Elementary Ballet I (ages 5 by Sept) with Christine Scheibl

10:45-11:30  Elementary Ballet II (ages 6+ by Sept) with Meghan Brunke

12:30-1:15  Broadway Jazz (ages 8+ by Sept) with Patty Foster

1:15-2:00  Ballet I (ages 8+ by Sept) with Catherine Green

2:00-2:30  Modern (ages 10+) with Patty Foster

2:30-3:30  Ballet II/III (ages 10+) with David Fernandez

4:00-5:00  Adult/Teen Ballet with Roberto Lara