Rental Rules and Guidelines

Download a PDF of the Rental Agreement


  • Renter understands that rates are different for auditions, photo shoots, video shoots, showings (even informal ones) and agrees to use the space for rehearsal only unless permission has been given by management and appropriate payment has been made for such use.
  • Brooklyn Ballet staff will gladly assist with all special needs for studio and equipment usage. Please let us know 48 hours in advance if you require any special items such as tables, chairs, or equipment.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in or around the building.
  • Brooklyn Ballet reserves the right to show studios and its adjoining facilities to other prospective clients during operating hours. These visits will be staff supervised and organized in conjunction with the renter’s schedule.
  • Renters are only permitted to use the boom box located in the studio and NOT the sound system.
  • Brooklyn Ballet reserves the right to cancel renter's individual rehearsals or to terminate rental relationship at its discretion.


  • 160 Schermerhorn is open Monday through Friday 9AM-­-10PM and Saturday 9AM­-6PM and Sunday 9AM-­-5PM. Entrance is located at 160 Schermerhorn Street between Hoyt and Smith Streets.


  • All renters are required to pay for their rental IN FULL prior to booking the space.
  • Renters must provide a valid credit card number
  • Brooklyn Ballet reserves the right to charge the credit card on file if the renter did not call 72 hours in advance to cancel the reservation.
  • Brooklyn Ballet reserves the right to charge the renter a cleaning fee of $150 if the renter did not properly clean up after themselves.
  • We accept payment by cash, check or credit cards. Please note that renters are held responsible for any fees related to any bounced checks.
  • First time renters will need to be present for an orientation of the space and an overview of the guidelines prior to their rehearsal.
  • Our cancellation policy is 72 hours, but we ask that you alert us to cancellations even sooner to allow for rebooking.
  • Brooklyn Ballet will not be held accountable for lost or stolen articles or personal injury occurred on the premises.


As this is a shared work space, renters must refrain from:

  • Loud music/sound
  • Dragging the ballet barres
  • Moving or touching the mirrors- they are fragile
  • Moving the speakers, furniture, or reconfiguring the stereo equipment
  • Leaning against or propping items against the mirrors or windows
  • Vocalizing, rehearsing, or warming up in the hallways or lobby area
  • Using substances on the dance floor including but not limited to rosin, powder or tape (gaffer’s tape and spike tape are permissible with prior approval, and residue must be cleaned by renter prior to vacating the space)
  • The use of heavy or sharp objects on the dance floors
  • The use of street shoes, hard-soled/percussive footwear (character shoes are allowed, provided they do not leave marks on the floor)
  • The use of props or equipment kept in the studio without prior consent


The lobby area is for the comfort and convenience of all. Please abide by the following guidelines:

  • NO rehearsing or warming up.
  • Avoid loud conversation and cell phone usage.
  • Be aware of and courteous to all who share this space.
  • Brooklyn Ballet’s lobby is available to renters 15 minutes before and after the rental agreement. Use of the lobby other than a waiting area is not permitted.


  • The studios must be left in the same – or better – condition than they are found.
  • Please be aware of and cleanup any items that may be left behind such as but not limited to: trash, clothing items, chairs, bags, water bottles, food, etc.
  • Lost and found is located underneath the bench in the lobby area.
  • Turn off the stereo and return to original location if applicable.
  • Shut off studio lights and lock both doors (if you are the last renter).
  • Break down any used tables and chairs.
  • Put away chairs and other materials where they were found.
  • Make sure all members of your party are outside the building before both doors close at the end of your scheduled rehearsal.

Our policies are NON NEGOTIABLE. They exist only to protect the livelihood of the organization, so we can afford to continue serving artists. By signing, you agree to abide by ALL of the policies.