Spring Forward with "Roots & New Ground"

Brooklyn Ballet Spring Season

It's almost the end of our winter blues in Brooklyn as the sun begins to melt the snow and spring slowly thrives forward, giving us a new season. It's also the best part of year for us because it's the most creative time to collaborate with different artists and prepare for our spring production, “Roots & New Ground”. We're very excited to showcase new works by David Fernandez, Michael “Big Mike” Fields, Emily Oleson, Matthew Powell, and a revival by Artistic Director Lynn Parkerson. We are also collaborating with composer and cellist Malcolm Parson on a few pieces he's written for the season.

Rehearsal began in the middle of February, so we're working out each piece and expanding more ideas as the production progresses. We look forward to presenting “Roots & New Ground” to our audience and can't wait to meet you all April 16-19 at The Actor's Fund Arts Center. To purchase tickets, click here.  

Check out some rehearsal photos below: 


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