Meet the Company: New Brooklyn Ballet Dancer Paunika Jones

Name: Paunika Jones
Age: 35
Neighborhood you live in: Washington Heights


Q: Where did you start your dance training? Tell me a bit more about your background in ballet.

A: I began at the age of 2 with basic fundamentals of movement and expression: What is up, down, left, right. Display what is happy, sad and things like how to be a butterfly and what color would my wings be.

Q: How did you learn about Brooklyn Ballet? And what attracted you to audition for the company?

A: I have had a few friends who have worked with Brooklyn Ballet over the years. I also breezed through sometime ago, in the Nutcracker with a friend. I was interested in Brooklyn Ballet because of the Company's diversity not only in terms of race, but artistically as well.

Q: Why is ballet/dance important to you?

A: It has always been something I not only feel very passionate about, but I find it is a very powerful vehicle of expression and communication. Which, I believe is highly important, it does not matter what the subject or walk of life! Ballet and dance is part of my every being and has been for so long. To not do it, would be to not live.

Q: What is your favorite activity outside of dance?

A: I find it hard to pick just one activity. I enjoy swimming, Gyrokinesis, writing and laughing as much as possible.


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