Meet the Visual Artists!

Brooklyn Ballet is pleased to welcome visual artists Elana Herzog and Cornelia Thomsen as collaborators on our 2017 Season.

Elana Herzog's work is on view alongside Julia K. Gleich's piece Martha, and Cornelia Thomsen's visuals pair with Lynn Parkerson's Pas de Deux.

Elana Herzog is an artist who uses material culture to consider aspects of ephemerality and entropy, pleasure and pain, attraction and repulsion. She has built a visual language that is both formal and evocative, and is increasingly focused on the relationship between technology and culture, the hand and the mind, the mind and the machine. Herzog finds and collects non-precious materials that are often second hand, discarded or cheaply mass produced. Herzog was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2017. She is a lecturer at Yale University.

Cornelia Thomsen's exploration of stripes, or color curtains, carries on the traditions of Blinky Palermo, Gene Davis, Agnes Martin and Gerhard Richter. Individual stripes are painted either uniformly or in a progression from light to dark. Stripes appear to hover above one another, revealing outward or inward cylindrical curves and creating a sense of movement. Born in Germany, Thomsen currently lives and works in Manhattan. Solo exhibitions include Leslie Feely gallery (NYC), Kashima Arts (Tokyo), German Consulate NYC, Friedrich-Froebel Museum (Germany), Erik Thomsen Gallery (NYC), among others. 

Roots & New Ground 2
June 8 at 8pm  Pre-performance reception 6:30pm
June 9 at 8pm Free Beer Friday! 
June 10 at 8pm
June 11 at 4pm Post-show Children's Reception 
June 16 at 8pm Free Beer Friday! 
June 17 at 8pm Post-show discussion with the artists
June 18 at 4pm 
The Actors Fund Arts Center
160 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY
Start at $10 and are available for purchase here.
Come enjoy the artistry and community of Brooklyn Ballet!

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