What We're Thankful For...

In the spirit of the holidays and the upcoming #GivingTuesday (December 1st–mark your calendars!) we’ve got a lot to be thankful for at Brooklyn Ballet...

For starters, we’re thankful for YOU! Without your support for the past 10 + years we wouldn’t be where we are today and for that we say THANK YOU! With your support Brooklyn Ballet can continue to create amazing dance productions for all ages, including our upcoming remake of a holiday classic, “The Brooklyn Nutcracker Sweet!”

If you haven’t already, make a donation today! Plus, you could double or triple your donation by sharing our Kickstarter with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors!

An enormous thank you goes out to our incredible backers thus far:

Mary Abrams

Leila Ligougne

Jim McElroy

Kristin Ferris

Jason Andrew

Deborah Schneiderman

Laura Hershcopf

Nicole Orth

Mary Ellen Kramer

Janette Caines

Lynn Parkerson

Bay Pointe Ballet

Sean and Kevin

Deborah Borstein Gichan

Dr. Nina11

Matthew Netti

Seema Aghera

Olivia Hicks

Michaeil Hirschhorn

Shelley Parkerson

Simon Moore

Sheri Goldblum

Vera Titunik and Ken Birnbaum

Amy Jacobus

Remi Harris

Elizabeth Forster

Dominique Bravo

Geri Armine-Klein

David Garlan

Katherine Pan


Britton Fisher

Liz Koch

Linda Rosenberg

Allen Kraus

Nellie Rainwater

Finally, we invite you take a peek at two behind-the-scenes interviews with our very own Brooklyn Ballet Youth Ensemble dancers. Meet Josh Fletcher, Sacha Moskovic, Allison Goldblum, and Chloe Lizama. Catch Josh & Sacha in the March dance, and Allison & Chloe in the Angels dance December 9-13th in The Brooklyn Nutcracker Sweet!

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