A Different Musician for Every Show: Quilt/One Night Stand

Brooklyn Ballet has always made it a point to collaborate with great musicians and provide live music in performance as often as we can.

We are overjoyed that this year we're collaborating with a new artist at every performance of our world premiere of Quilt/One Night Stand!

Audiences and dancers will both be hearing the music for the first time during each show. World-class musicians of many styles and multiple talents span the season's performances - from vocalist Shelley Hirsch to trombonist Jen Baker.

If you're a lover of the empty slate, unpredictability, and the emerging unexpected, Quilt/One Night Stand will satisfy. 

Click the photos below to learn more about each of these fantastic musicians. Then be sure to grab your tickets!

Shelley Hirsch, vocalist, April 4
Shelley Hirsch

Andrei Matorin on April 5
Andrei Matorin

Baba Israel on April 6
Baba Israel

Andrew Drury on April 11
Andrew Drury

Russ Lossing on April 12
Russ Lossing

Jen Baker on April 13
Jen Baker

And Opening Night, Thursday, April 3, Julius Abrahams plays excerpts from Sonatas and Interludes by John Cage.

Julius Abrahams


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