Elevate All-Stars: Naazir & Shaakir Muhammad

“When I'm dancing, I feel as if I can express myself without being judged. I can dance the way I'm feeling.”
-Naazir Muhammad

“Lynn discovered us.”
-Shaakir Muhammad

Brooklyn Ballet- Naazir & Shaakir Muhammad from Ben Holbrook on Vimeo.

It wasn't love at first sight for Elevate All-Star Naazir… Before he saw the men's variations at Brooklyn Ballet's grade school performance, Naazir wasn't convinced he would want to get involved in dance. Once the men were jumping, turning and lifting the women, he was impressed and wanted to try it for himself.

Naazir and Shaakir trained at Brooklyn Ballet School on  scholarship and danced in our Youth Ensemble for six years before joining American Ballet Theatre's pre-professional program at JKO School. Now Naazir and Shaakir are looking forward to a long career on stage, working hard for their dream of principal roles in New York City or beyond.

Join us on June 5th for a performance by all of our Elevate All-Stars and a Jamaican dinner by Fisherman's Dawta. Brooklyn Ballet dance party to follow!

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