January 2010

Blending the Formal with the Spontaneous

Lynn discusses her experience working with a pop and lock dancer and a ballerina in the same studio:

“Mike’s used to freestyle and Kerry’s used to being told what to do. She is exploring taking liberties with timing and whether or not she should do something. I want her to go further and further into that area. I think Kerry’s curious about other ways of being on stage. A lot of ballet dancers aren’t given enough of an opportunity to explore. There are psychological confrontations in the rehearsal process, nihilistic exploration, violent, hyper-mobile body contortion choreography -- that’s something that’s almost wanted by ballet dancers, because freedom is a more challenging element.”

Still, the dance contains elements that Kerry and Lynn are familiar with seeing in ballet.

You Can't Hurry Love. Or Dance.

“For me it’s always an opportunity to keep exploring to keep my interest piqued.” –Lynn Parkerson

Lynn’s latest choreographic journey involves multiple dance disciplines and techniques for generating movement. Kalle Laar, her friend and co-conspirator in creating art, expresses his thoughts on how they started working on their current project:

Inspiration in Improvisation

Last September, Lynn Parkerson attended a Mixed Movement event at St. Mark’s Church at the suggestion of some of her dancers. Swept away with the spirit of the evening’s dancing, Lynn found herself performing an improvised solo. Check it out here: